It certainly seems that if you like your world to be connected and interactive, old fashioned feature-phones are not the way forward.

Of course, smartphones without the apps would just be phones and it’s clear to see that free apps of all shapes and sizes are being downloaded in their millions.  The needs of the future, it appears, will be met by an assortment of apps that bring our connected worlds to our fingertips.

And I expect this trend to continue as we see the Internet of Things becoming a reality and the explosion of connected devices it will bring will make our mobiles even more central to the running of our daily tasks.

All these extra tasks means that our mobile devices are going to be under more strain than ever. They will have more apps, more clutter and more demand on their battery and consume so much more data.

You don’t need to own a smartphone long before you can tangibly feel the performance slowdown from that wonderful, out-of-the-box clean system. So what do we do?  Naturally, we start to uninstall apps, in the hope that just freeing up a bit of space will make our year old smartphone back to its brand-new best.

But are the brand new devices as fast as we remember? Or does nostalgia play tricks on us? It may surprise you but depending on your device and network, brand new smartphones often come with between 25 and 80 apps preinstalled. It seems that our poor smartphones are doomed to be weighed down by apps right from the word go.

So when it comes to getting rid of apps, which ones do we remove first? Obviously, we tend to remove the app we actively dislike almost immediately and a recent study shows that 60 percent of users who don’t use an app more than once in the first seven days, never will again.

But how do we decide which other apps to remove? How do we know which are slowing down our smartphones? The graphic below provides the top ten apps in descending order for disk space size, data consumption and battery drain. Take a look and see if any of your favorite apps are listed.


While the intention of this list isn’t to stop you installing any of these apps (some of them are great apps), we think that it’s important to show you what kind of apps are affecting your performance.

Mobile phones are increasingly becoming the most important weapon in our digital arsenal and I think it’s therefore important they we keep them running as quickly as possible. After all, we’ve all had the frustration of trying to meet up with friends when our phone is flat or had that surprising bill come through from our phone provider thanks to too much data usage!

Looking after your phone shouldn’t be difficult or a hassle, and that’s the idea behind AVG Cleaner.  It can show you the apps that are affecting the performance of your device and can even take the hassle of maintenance away with automated cleaning options.