AVG boosts Bugcrowd bounty

AVG Bugcrowd
October 22, 2015

As we’ve reported previously, helping keep our 200 million users safe online isn’t just about reacting to threats as and when they appear. It’s also about building our security on a strong foundation, underpinned by rigorous testing and pre-emptive exploration.

One of the ways we proactively improve our security is through participation in the AVG bug bounty program on Bugcrowd.  We have recently reviewed the rewards offered as part of this program and now offer up to USD$1,000 per bug.

We appreciate and reward the efforts of security researchers who, within the strict terms of the bounty program, are able to responsibly disclose vulnerabilities found in our nominated PC based client side applications.

If you have skills and experience reverse engineering binary code, or you like breaking AntiVirus engines in your spare time, then this could be the stimulating and rewarding challenge you’ve been looking for.

Bugcrowd is a great community of like-minded security geeks who get to pentest, hack and crack great companies like AVG, Fitbit, Dropbox and even Tesla Motors – all in the name of responsible disclosure for rewards and kudos!

So, if you’re a 1337 h4x0r then start finding bugs today by signing up to Bugcrowd as a researcher, and then join the AVG program.

We look forward to seeing what juicy vulnerabilities you’ll uncover, and in return get rewarded for helping us keep over 200 million friends safe and secure.

Get cracking! And until next time, stay safe out there.

October 22, 2015