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AVG Business responds to evolving channel needs with enhanced Managed Workplace platform

Managed Workplace 9.2
September 15, 2015

You told us what you wanted, and we listened – Managed Workplace 9.2 is available today to fulfil your needs.

VP of Global Channel Sales, AVG Business

Since the AVG Business team launched our flagship AVG Business Managed Workplace 9.1 in April 2015, the ongoing dialogue and feedback from our channel partners has been crucial. AVG Managed Workplace 9.2 – the latest version of the platform, available today, addresses the needs our partners have raised. We are confident that the additional capabilities we have included in the expanded platform align to MSPs’ business objectives more closely than ever before.

An important feature in AVG Managed Workplace 9.2 is the Premium Remote Control capability, through our partnership with enterprise remote desktop software provider, ISL Online, that has enabled us to integrate a premium Remote Control capability into our platform for the first time. By building in the remote control at no further cost to our partners, we are able to reduce not only the need for MSPs to work across disparate systems, but also the need to purchase additional, expensive, third-party tools. Offering greater control and visibility to resolve issues and deliver support more quickly, the Premium Remote Control enables MSPs to quickly and easily access remote computers, transfer files, chat, record sessions and perform administrative tasks for their clients, without switching interfaces.

Those of you who attended our Cloud Summit last October will remember discussing remote controls in detail – it’s a great example of you telling us what you wanted, and us listening and responding.

We want to help small enterprises and our MSP partners feel that they are doing everything they can to protect their data. At the same time, we recognize that monitoring so many different systems requires a streamlined workflow. AVG Managed Workplace 9.2 now includes integrated Backup and Disaster Recovery, so that MSPs can easily control workstation backups, capture Bare-Metal-Recovery images for servers, as well as monitor and manage devices from one central dashboard.

Further details on the key features of the AVG Managed Workplace 9.2 platform, including AVG Device Manager for Mac OS X and integrated AntiVirus enhancements can be found here.

With AVG Managed Workplace 9.2, we move one step closer to a complete, managed IT solution – one which provides ease of use, security and control of the entire IT infrastructure (devices, applications and networks) from a “single-pane” of glass. We understand that our channel partners’ technology needs are always evolving and we are committed to doing all we can to streamline the experience while delivering the best services possible.

We are listening. Thank you for your ongoing feedback and please keep sending it our way.

Francois Daumard
September 15, 2015