AVG Performance and Privacy apps come to Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

February 27, 2014

We’re excited to announce the availability of three new AVG apps for Amazon’s Kindle Fire® HDX to help you protect your privacy, boost battery life and get rid of apps

Device Performance Expert

We’re excited to announce the availability of three new AVG apps for Amazon’s Kindle Fire® HDX to help you protect your privacy, boost battery life and get rid of apps you no longer need.

With the increasing popularity of Amazon’s multimedia tablet, a selection of AVG’s Android apps are now available to protect and help improve performance on the latest Fire HDX models, completely free of charge.


AVG PrivacyFix

In the ever-changing world of social networks, it can be tough to keep up with the latest settings to protect your privacy.

AVG PrivacyFix for Kindle

AVG PrivacyFix™ helps you manage the online privacy settings of social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn.  By analyzing your social profiles, AVG PrivacyFix makes suggestion that will help you improve your online privacy from a single dashboard.

AVG PrivacyFix walks you through potentially harmful settings and helps, for example, prevent friends’ apps from accessing your personal data, get rid of old apps you no longer use and control what you share on Facebook, G+ and thousands of other sites. It also helps you opt out of targeted ads served by top ad companies on the sites you visit.


AVG Uninstaller
AVG Uninstaller monitors apps on your Kindle Fire HDX and helps get the best-possible performance and battery life on your device. By analyzing the frequency of use, size, battery usage and data usage of all your installed apps and helps you quickly get rid of the ones you no longer want – without having to delete them individually.

AVG Uninstaller for Kindle

Its monitoring feature also notifies you regularly when apps haven’t been used in a while and alerts you to apps that might be draining your performance.


AVG Battery Saver & TuneUp

AVG’s performance and battery life optimizer, AVG Battery Saver & TuneUp is now also available for the Kindle Fire HDX.  This free app helps you improve performance and battery life by optimizing settings and turning off power-hungry background apps with just a few taps. Additionally, its storage manager shows  which apps and files are taking up the most storage so that you can free up space for things that are more important to you such as music, photos and videos

AVG Task Killer for Kindle


In our internal tests with the Kindle Fire HDX, we found that by uninstalling wasteful apps, turning off features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and especially lowering brightness with AVG TuneUp and AVG Uninstaller, we were able to get some great results when compared to the stock settings. At first, we measured battery life when playing a 3D-accelerated game (Rayman Jungle Run) nonstop until the battery ran dry:

AVG TuneUp for Kindle Gaming


As you can see, the Fire HDX shut down after 4 hours and 40 minutes. However, after enabling every performance and battery life option with our AVG apps, we were able to squeeze out another hour (60 minutes) from our tablet. That’s an increase in these tests of 22%.


Note: We’ve repeated each test run three times to minimize testing discrepancies.


Our next task was web browsing. To test how long the device lasts under constant web usage, we used the popular browser tester “PeaceKeeper” until the battery ran dry. Peacekeeper simulates typical browsing scenarios such as playing videos, visiting shopping sites or reading blogs.

AVG TuneUp for Kindle Browsing

This test taxed our device more and made it turn off after only 3 hours and 50 minutes. However, when optimizing the Fire HDX it lasted a whopping 6 hours and 41 minutes – an increase in these tests of 74%.

Note that most of these savings come from lowering the brightness and turning off various connectivity features through AVG performance apps.


AVG PrivacyFix, AVG Uninstaller and AVG Battery Saver & TuneUp are now available to download free from the Amazon Appstore.

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Sandro Villinger
February 27, 2014