AVG teams up with Renault to secure R_Link app store

April 4, 2013

For some time we have talked about connected devices and how technology is changing our lives, but the extent of that is reaching beyond smartphones and PCs to the TVs

For some time we have talked about connected devices and how technology is changing our lives, but the extent of that is reaching beyond smartphones and PCs to the TVs in our home, the fridges in our kitchen and now the cars we drive.

Being connected isn’t just about being able to read emails on the move. It’s far more than that. It’s about taking your connected life into other spaces. Being online while driving might on the face of it feel like a dangerous pursuit, but in- car entertainment is actually motivated by improving road safety and journey experience.

It is for this reason that we at AVG are especially pleased that Renault has chosen us to be its security partner. We will add an extra layer of security to Renault’s ground-breaking new embedded and connected navigation and multimedia platform, Renault R-Link.

This means we will secure all apps in the Renault R-Link store to be protected from malware. Of course, the emphasis on safety and security makes total sense.

At launch, there will be over 50 apps to choose from in the R-Link store spanning travel, entertainment, news and social media, with plans to add many more in the future. Developed in collaboration with leading sat-nav experts, Renault R-Link combines a touchscreen multimedia device with a curated online app store.

If you want to see the system in action it is available today in the new Renault Clio model and Renault will be  rolling the system  out to other models in the range during 2013, including the all-electric ZOE model, the Kangoo Express and the Captur.

Whereas I made a casual reference to safety fears at the beginning of this piece, conversely car manufacturers see a lot of safety benefits in delivering connected technologies to cars and that’s why it’s a trend that is likely to explode over the next few years.

By 2017, according to ABI Research, a market watcher, some 50 million connected cars will be sold every year. Penetration of factory-installed safety and security telematics in new cars will this year reach 15.7 per cent of all vehicles sold.

For those of us who work in technology, this is yet more evidence of the “Internet of Things” which offers so many benefits in the way we lead our lives.

To begin with cars will increasingly come equipped with Internet connectivity so you can stream your music and movies straight to the in-car media player and up-to-date traffic information could help you avoid latest traffic hot spots or accidents.

It is likely that the development of car-to-car networks is where major breakthroughs in car safety will occur and could have significant benefits in preventing accidents and traffic delays. Watch this space as it is a truly exciting area and just another example of how technology is changing our lives.

For us at AVG, we welcome the new technology and look forward to ensuring consumers can enjoy all of  its benefits.

It makes total sense that we are securing the R_Link store to help ensure that Renault driver’s don’t download malware through their app store.

Personally, I think it’s great that we are playing a part in securing  our connected lives as they become more complex, but also that we are giving peace of mind at the same time.

April 4, 2013