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AVG Zen in a nutshell

April 3, 2014

This week, we introduced our great new app, AVG Zen, to consumers and the feedback we are getting from customers is awesome. For an explanation of how AVG Zen can

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This week, we introduced our great new app, AVG Zen, to consumers and the feedback we are getting from customers is awesome. For an explanation of how AVG Zen can benefit you and your family, take a look at my earlier blog.

I’ve been asked a few questions by customers about AVG Zen, such as “I am a loyal AVG Free customer, what should I be installing?” so I thought I’d write up my answers in case it’s useful for everyone to see.

With AVG Zen, we are simplifying our product portfolio so that users do not have to select different solutions at the time of download. Instead, we have a single product offering for each of our Protection and Performance product categories, and we also have a simple way to discover our Privacy products.

Getting started with AVG Zen is quite easy. Just decide whether you want AVG Protection, AVG Performance or AVG Zen for Android™ and then download it from


Are you looking for AVG AntiVirus Free or AVG Internet Security 2014?

AVG Protection combines these 2 products into a single experience. When installed for the first time, in addition to getting the AVG Zen network you will get AVG Protection. You will get the added benefit in the first 30 days of having all the Pro features of AVG Protection on by default. If at the end of 30 days, you decide not to keep the Pro features, the product will still continue to protect you in the same way that AVG AntiVirus Free does today without you needing to do anything.


Are you looking for AVG PC TuneUp?

When installing AVG Performance, you will benefit in the same way as with AVG Protection by getting all the Pro features switched on for the first 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, again, if you choose not to keep the Pro features, you still get all the benefits of our two most popular features, specifically 1-click Maintenance (can be invoked manually) and Automatic Maintenance (runs on a schedule) for free.  These both deliver optimized startup and shutdown, hard disk defragmentation, registry clean and defragmentation, broken shortcuts removal and temporary files deletion).

Once you have selected one of the above categories to download, discovering and installing additional AVG protection or performance offerings could not be simpler. Just click on the relevant tiles in AVG Zen and follow the simple instructions to get the additional software you need, whether on a mobile device or a PC.


There is also a tile in AVG Zen dedicated to Privacy that you can explore. We understand that controlling what personal information we share in today’s complex digital environment is something that everyone has on their mind, but often something that either takes a back seat as we are too busy to think about it or we just don’t know where to start. Behind the Privacy tile, you will find AVG PrivacyFix, a free product that helps you navigate this complex area in a simple and useful way.

AVG was the first online security company to deliver what’s is commonly termed ‘freemium’ which is a great way people can get for free to protect their devices and data, with the option of adding additional features by subscribing to other products and services if they wish.

In line with customer feedback and demand, we always try to give our customers the best experience of our products, and AVG Zen is our latest offering that demonstrates this. We at AVG will continue to provide a range of free and paid protection, performance and privacy products and apps for desktop and mobile devices to you, our customer, so that you can enjoy the Internet the way it’s meant to be.

I welcome you to give AVG Zen a try. You can access the download link at and from there select the product option of your choice, or can download the Android app from the Google Play™ store.


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Tony Anscombe
April 3, 2014