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Connectivity is changing our world and who we trust

September 4, 2013

Hi I’m Gary and just over a month ago I joined AVG as its new Chief Executive Officer. From time to time I’ll be blogging about how I feel technology

Hi I’m Gary and just over a month ago I joined AVG as its new Chief Executive Officer.

From time to time I’ll be blogging about how I feel technology is shaping the world today and what this means for AVG and its millions of customers.

But firstly a little about me.

I come from the tech industry and was until recently head of Mozilla Corporation where I led the businesses’ expansion in both desktop and mobile. Before that I worked at Sybase, Adobe Systems, Si Corporation and IBM, so I know the sector well.

Here are three things that I see shaping the world and shaping the development of our products:

  1. Connectivity
  2. Trust
  3. Privacy and Protection

It took over 20 years for 2.5 billion people to get online. In the next five years that will double and as more of us get online we will be sharing more of our lives with each other and with the world.

That’s why global Internet traffic is set to pass the zettabyte threshold in 2015 – we’ll see over 80 exabytes a month; which is 26 billion gigabytes every single day.

This is an amazing opportunity to connect as a global community, but it can also lead us to tremendous exposure as individuals. Financial data, social data, family data, pictures, passwords… the list goes on.

We have never been so exposed. This connectivity is changing our world, our society, our culture, privacy and what and who we trust.

Trust is my second point.

Let me ask you, who do you trust? Your Government? Your politicians? The media? Businesses?

What do you think about Edward Snowden and the NSA Prism scandal?

In our newly hyper-connected world, things move fast. We’ve had our trust shaken. Things we took for granted may not be what they seem.

When you are online, emailing, researching, searching, shopping, do you think about who is watching you? And why?

The world is changing fast and as the next 2.5 billion come online in the next five years, things will get crazy. Our faith in traditional institutions, our passive trust, has been eroded. Now, who we trust and why we trust them has become an active choice.

But with the infinite expanse of the Internet at our fingertips, it’s hard to know what to believe.

So how do we make active trust decisions? Usually, we turn to personal networks and online micro-communities to inform and validate decisions. These are the familiar landmarks in a rapidly expanding digital world. We use these to build our confidence. To build trust.

This brings me to my third point. Privacy and protection.

AVG’s heritage is in providing security, in delivering the products that give people confidence to go online safely. Now we deliver products that help our users interact online securely, but also in private.

We’ve always known that security you can depend on is a priority, but now it’s about securing your privacy as well as your technology. Privacy is the new security.

We’re in a tremendous position to talk about our products and services because 155 million people across the world already trust us.

We’ve got an unshakeable vision when it comes to giving our users the best products to help them make their online world safe, trusted and private.

We’re committed to developing products that will help people do this across all their devices; across any platforms; and across all the people and places they want to connect to.

We’re building a platform of trust that connects them to the people they trust.

So at AVG, I am proud to be able to tell you, we are ready to help more of the next 2.5 billion people get online and you can trust us to do that.

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September 4, 2013