The future of mobile and the growing need for security

September 5, 2013

When we look at the future of the mobile phone industry, there is one undeniable trend: phones are getting smarter. The arrival of Android® has bust open the price restrictions

When we look at the future of the mobile phone industry, there is one undeniable trend: phones are getting smarter.

The arrival of Android® has bust open the price restrictions for smartphones and they are flying off the shelves around the world as global smartphone ownership races towards 1.5 billion by the end of 2013.

The growth of smartphones has been so rapid that, as of this August, the devices are outselling old fashioned feature phones, otherwise known as “dumbphones”. That’s according to analyst Gartner, who announced in their latest report on mobile sales in Q2 2013.

As mobile network speeds increase, the amount of mobile data traffic looks set to maintain rapid growth up until 2017. This means that mobiles will find themselves even more at the heart of our daily lives.

Indeed, the future for mobiles looks bright, not just on the technology front but also on plain innovation. 2013 saw the launch of the Sony Xperia Z, the world’s first mass market water-resistant phone, the Yota Phone which uses a long life e-ink display and that’s before we even get started on the rise of phablets which give users even more processing power at their fingertips.

Our phones are becoming the cornerstone of our daily lives and we check them up to 150 times and keep them with us for 22 hours each day. As a society we are becoming ever more reliant on these mobile computers and they are becoming gatekeepers for our most sensitive and private information, such as

  • Private and business emails
  • Text messages and contacts
  • Personal photos and videos
  • Saved web passwords and banking logins
  • Synced social networking apps

When you consider everything that is stored on our mobiles, the cost of losing it or having it stolen really can add up. But as mobiles have become smarter, a new threat has emerged over the last few years that targets not just the device but the data on it.

According to AVG’s latest stats, mobile malware has grown 22% in 2013* and continues to grow, with the aim of infecting a smartphone and sending back data for profit.

With so much data stored on our devices, it’s never been more important for users to protect their smartphones and alarmingly almost 90% of smartphone users don’t have security for their devices.

It’s surprising therefore that although users are starting to understand the need for privacy measures, they still scrimp on basic security measures like passcoding their devices and installing a security app.

With free security apps likes AVG AntiVirus for Android™, the disparity between the cost of securing smartphones and the cost of losing it to a thief or to infection, could not be higher.

And with so much on the line if your data falls into the wrong hands, AVG has developed a range of powerful new tools that compliment the security layers that help keep your smartphone and data safe from malware.


AVG AntiVirus for Android:

Available in both FREE and PRO versions, AVG AntiVirus for Android gives you comprehensive protection for your Android smartphone.

AVG AntiVirus for Android combats viruses and malware so you can make calls, receive SMS, download music, video, and apps, and surf the web confidently, knowing you’re kept safe.

Also helps you identify apps and settings that may expose your phone to security risks. Plus if you ever lose your phone, it helps you find it using satellite technology and can keep your personal data safe by locking or wiping it.

AVG AntiVirus for Android tablets:

Also available in FREE and PRO formats, AVG Tablet AntiVirus Security is specially designed for the unique needs of tablet users.

AVG AntiVirus for tablets checks website URL addresses on the native browser to see if they are harmful, kills tasks that slow down or freeze up your device, helps locate your lost or stolen tablet and the PRO version can even lock your apps and settings to better protect your privacy and safety.


Get AVG AntiVirus for Android PRO for FREE.

To celebrate the launch of AVG’s 2014 range of products, we are offering AVG AntiVirus for Android PRO for free download when users buy AVG Premium Security.

This updated version of AVG AntiVirus PRO comes with two new Anti-Theft features that you can set up for added protection:

SIM Lock: Automatically locks your phone if someone replaces your SIM card

Camera Trap: If the Anti-Theft service records 3 failed attempts by someone to unlock your phone using remote lock, it discretely takes a photo of them with the phone’s front-facing camera. The photo is then emailed to you with an alert to the attempted break-in.

AVG Premium Security offers the ultimate protection for everything online, plus pro-active identity protection and PC speed-boosting tools like AVG Quick Tune.

Never have your details misused again with the AVG Identity Alert tool which scans the Internet for misuse of your personal data.

Now when you buy AVG Premium Security, that feeling of ultimate protection spreads to your Android tablet and smartphone.

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September 5, 2013