Gary Kovacs’ Keynote Speech at Mobile World Congress

March 4, 2015

On Wednesday, AVG CEO Gary Kovacs delivered a keynote speech at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Gary Kovacs' Keynote at MWC 2015

In the address, Gary outlined AVG’s vision of a safer Internet for everyone. To achieve that, we must understand how digital technology, especially mobile, has impacted the ideas of identity and privacy.

The modern Internet has given rise to an economy based on collecting and monetizing user information.

As a result, the lives of consumers are more exposed now than ever before in history. Their actions online are being watched, even scrutinized, and not necessarily towards benevolent ends

Consumer data shows that more and more people are demanding trust, actively considering it when they choose whether or not to adopt a technology.

If we want to facilitate further development of technology and digital economy, we need to challenge our thinking again. It’s time for another revolution, a Trust Revolution.


March 4, 2015