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Five Ideas to Celebrate Dads and Granddads

June 12, 2014

Did you know Mother’s Day is more widely celebrated than Father’s Day in the U.S.? I recently came across this interesting study by Ipsos, a market research firm in the

Did you know Mother’s Day is more widely celebrated than Father’s Day in the U.S.?

I recently came across this interesting study by Ipsos, a market research firm in the U.S. Its annual study showed that U.S. adults are more likely not to celebrate Father’s day than Mother’s Day (35% vs. 26%).

I’m not sure why that is. But the finding reinforced an earlier 2012 survey by Ipsos that found three quarters of men and women felt that Father’s Day got less attention than Mother’s Day– which, now we know is true!— although a whopping 80% of those surveyed thought they should get equal attention.

So, for those who would like to equal out Dad’s treatment this year, a reminder: this Sunday is Father’s Day in the U.S., U.K. and Canada.  Yes, it came early this year too! Now’s the time to remember your Dads.

If you a looking for a few last minute suggestions to honor Dads, Ipsos’ research points to gift cards, dining out and phone calls as the most popular gifts for the occasion this year.  However, Dads (like Moms) also value family time most. Any time spent with family including dinner, grilling, and family outings is often better than any gift.

However, if you are looking for a gift, here are a few of my favorite gift picks this year from tech to non-tech for our Dads and their Dads:

  • Grillin’ Time. This is a high-tech solution for the guy who likes to grill. When we have people over for a BBQ I am always concerned that my husband is spending more time grilling than enjoying the company of our family or friends. This app gives Dad the chance to mingle with friends, or have a beer, without sending the burgers and steaks into charcoal neverland. It allows grill-masters to input what’s cooking, and then sends alerts when something should be flipped or removed from heat. I know that some backyard chefs would say the whole idea of the BBQ is to stand over the grill…but just in case the cook gets distracted this could come in handy. Pricing: about $1.99.
  • Father’s Day is synonymous with the U.S. Open Golf tournament stateside. Golf is a great, lifelong activity and perennial favorite. Here are two gifts that intrigue me. The Zepp golf sensor fits comfortably onto your golf glove and uses 3-D modeling imagery to see your swing from every angle, and measure such important data points as trajectory and follow-through. You can also measure it against professionals’ swings, although that might be depressing. However, some of the data, which works with in tandem with a smartphone, can really help with consistency of hip rotation, swing plane, and myriad other details. I would say I’d give this to a serious golfer in your life, or a beginner taking lessons who wants to develop consistency. It can help amateurs make the most out of their time on the practice range. Also, I should note that Zepp has models for baseball and tennis as well. It’s all about the swing! Price: about $150.00
  • As golfer Dads grow older, arthritis can hamper what can be an enjoyable and great way to stay healthy. The Bionic golf glove has been shown in independent testing for the Arthritis Foundation to improve hand strength while reducing pain. They’re PGA-approved and also have the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation. Price: approximately $30.00

  • Not a Golf fan? How about Bocce ball? Bocce began in Italy and is growing in popularity worldwide. It’s a great low-key (but competitive!) game to play with friends and family. Rules are fairly simple. You take a melon-sized ball, and aim it toward the “pallino.” The closer you get to that target, the more points for you. There are additional complications, but that’s the gist. It’s a great outdoor bowling game on many surfaces – from lawn to beach- for the summer and something every generation might enjoy – and a great way to spend a low-key afternoon with the Papa or Babbo in your life. You can find some great Bocce sets at your local sporting goods store or at many online sites, priced from $25.00 to Italian imports up to $150.00.
  •  OK, so researcher say no ties are allowed as gifts for Father’s Day. But for the techiest among Dads, how about a new spin on another old classic? High-tech cufflinks.  A silver, stylish cufflink from Ravi Ratan opens up to reveal on the one hand a 2GB USB Flash drive.  The other cufflink conceals a mini router, serving as his personal Wi-Fi hotspot for laptops, smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices.  From $175 to $250 at, or shop at Amazon, Brookstone, or many other sites.


No matter how large or small the gifts, here’s to our Fathers, Grandpapas and Babbos around the world – and hoping you will feel equally loved and appreciated this Father’s Day!

To my husband who is a surrogate father to many, my brothers and brother in law and to my father who passed away 22 years ago, you have my deepest respect and gratitude for your contributions to your families and for your contagious joy of life!

June 12, 2014