Mobile has changed the security game forever

September 4, 2013

I’ve seen a lot of changes in the technology industry in the 20 years that I have been working in this business. One of the biggest and fastest changes has

I’ve seen a lot of changes in the technology industry in the 20 years that I have been working in this business. One of the biggest and fastest changes has been the rapid adoption of mobile technologies and the proliferation of devices in the home.

Can you remember the days when one PC occupied most of a room and was shared amongst everyone? Can you remember the noisy dial-up and modem, the horrendously slow connection speeds, the heat generated by the large computer and the constant whirring of the hard drive.

Here’s a little trip down memory lane…



That video shows our first experiences of home computing and gives you the context of where we are now. In 20 years there’s been a massive change in connectivity and we’ve rapidly moved from one connected device per home to up to an average of 3 or more, according to our latest research completed in August this year.


What has been the real game-changer? Mobile.

Today, global mobile traffic makes up around 13% of total Internet traffic. The proliferation of affordable, easy-to-use mobile devices is the tipping point and has led to the birth of the real hyper-connected, multi-device, cross-platform world.

But just as mobile offers rich connectivity, usability and enjoyment, at the same time it opens the door to tracking and hacking opportunities for the unscrupulous.  What drives security risks in mobile are the connectivity features. And what drives battery usage are the connectivity apps that are running in the background all time. Connectivity enables many things, but it does not come free of problems.

It has potentially large rewards for cyber criminals and so we have seen a massive surge mobile malware.

Android, in particular, has been an obvious target as it currently accounts for nearly 80% of the smartphone market and 63% of the tablet market.

You can see that designing security products for today’s world isn’t just about protecting the PC against malware it is about securing all our customers’ digital lives, whatever device they may be using.

For us, we can also see a role in improving people’s digital lives, making them less hassle, and in some cases enhancing them, so our customers can get on being themselves online and not having to worry about their security, their privacy or the performance of their device.

It’s a key part of my job to make device privacy, protection and performance as straightforward as possible so people can just get on with enjoying their experiences online.

Online security and privacy shouldn’t be a dark art and it’s clear that in today’s connected world it’s not just about security; it’s also about privacy, performance, mobility and connectivity.

So when it comes to our latest 2014 products,  AVG AntiVirus PRO for Android smartphones and tablets , we’ve included a number of new features to make sure our users don’t have to worry about going online, accessing email, downloading apps or doing whatever they want to do via their mobile devices.

  • It takes care of viruses and malware for you, ensuring advanced security and enhanced privacy with our continually improved detection levels
  • New anti-theft features add to sophistication of protection
    • SIM Lock – locks your lost or stolen device remotely so your SIM card can’t be replaced
    • Camera Trap – if Anti-Theft records three failed attempts by an intruder to unlock your phone, it takes a photo of them with the phone’s front-facing camera which is the emailed to you so you are made aware of the attempt
  • Locks and secures your apps to protect them from prying eyes, and also backs them up on your SD card
  • Enables you to view apps that slow down your device and closes them to keep your smartphone or tablet running at optimal levels
  • Comes bundled with AVG Premium Security 2014 to give you peace of mind across all your devices


We haven’t forgotten PCs and laptops

  • AVG AntiVirus FREE, AVG AntiVirus 2014, AVG Internet Security 2014 and AVG Premium Security 2014: We’ve improved scan speed for second scan of the disk (and subsequent scans) and memory footprint by 20% each. For additional protection and privacy, we’ve also added two new features:
    • File Shredder: Did you know that deleting your files doesn’t completely remove them, and that someone could recover them if they had access to your external or internal drive, or the USB key on which the file was stored? File Shredder removes all traces of the files (of any sort) you have decided to shred, forever.
    • Data Safe: create a Data Safe (not with AV FREE which can only lock/unlock a safe) which is an encrypted, password protected area on external or internal hard drive.


We know that in a connected world, how your devices perform is really and with AVG PC TuneUp 2014, we have a product that really does boost performance.

  • AVG PC TuneUp 2014 does exactly what it says it does: it tunes up your computer for optimum running.
    • Save your battery for when you need it most with Flight Mode – can increase battery life by as much as 50%
    • Use Duplicate File Finder to identify and remove duplicate files to free up disk space
    • Easy to navigate, simple interface; compatible with Windows 8.1; new feature Tuning Definitions ensures PC TuneUp remains effective at cleaning up the latest apps through regular updating


We also have an exciting new privacy product this year – the AVG PrivacyFix app, which lets you find out who is tracking you, what you are sharing and decide how you want to manage this on your PC, your tablet and your smartphone.

  • AVG PrivacyFix gives consumers visible control and management of their privacy settings across Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and thousands of other websites. It blocks over 1,200 trackers from following your movements online whether on your computer, your tablet or your phone.
    • This award-winning browser plugin, available on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, is the perfect companion to your multi-device world.
    • To find out more about PrivacyFix watch this video (EMBED PrivacyFix video)


The great thing is our research shows it works with almost 75% of PrivacyFix users changing at least two Facebook settings since downloading the app.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your connected lives, safe in the knowledge that AVG is there making them as safe and as hassle free as we can.

*An online survey of 4,927 consumers was undertaken across the UK, US, Brazil, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Czech Republic. The survey was set up using Qualtrics and respondents were from Qualtrics’ online panel.

September 4, 2013