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What is your parenting personality?

June 3, 2014

When it comes to technology in the household, every parent has their own ideas of what is best for their kids. AVG’s latest global research gives insight into how the

When it comes to technology in the household, every parent has their own ideas of what is best for their kids.

AVG’s latest global research gives insight into how the Internet is impacting the speed  kids are growing up and shows that parents have differing opinions about the role technology should play in raising their kids.

For example, 42% of parents think their kid spends too much time online, while nearly 80% feel they will have to discuss the facts of life with their child at an earlier age because of the influence of the Internet.

Take our quiz to find out what kind of digital parent you are:

Select one answer from each of the following questions to find out your digital parenting personality:


1)      What is your attitude towards being “friends” with your child online?

  1. How else will I know exactly what they are posting?
  2. Absolutely – then we can interact and learn online together
  3. Of course – I am not only friends with my child but their entire group of friends
  4. No. I don’t see why that would be necessary.


2)      Do you see your computer as…

  1. An accident waiting to happen
  2. The wondrous source of knowledge
  3. Our extended family’s personal online diary
  4. A good method of keeping my children occupied


3)      Do you talk about digital security with your child?

  1. We make them repeat our household digital rules every day before breakfast
  2. I’d rather not limit my child’s exploration of the Internet
  3. A little….but there is no harm in posting photos right?
  4. I’m sure someone else has taken care of that already


4)      When did you first post a picture of your child?

  1. No one in my family is allowed to post online pictures. Ever.
  2. I see the internet more as a resource than a tool for sharing personal information
  3. I posted the first ultrasound photo right away  – it is how we told many of  our friends and family
  4. Not sure – I don’t really keep a track of these things


5)      Where does your child go online?

  1. Very few places – I am very strict about the sites which are suitable
  2. Anywhere they like – isn’t it wonderful?
  3. They’re always on some site or another chatting with their friends
  4. I’m not sure – why?


The Results

Mostly A’s – Net Cop

You are all about the rules. Your child’s Internet experience is strictly limited for their safety and they’re not allowed to do anything that you don’t know about.

Mostly B’s – Freedom Fighter

You believe in your child’s right to experience the Internet how they want to. To you, the Internet is a wonderful place full of possibility that should be explored freely. You openly encourage your kid to roam online.

Mostly C’s – Over-Sharer

A true web lover and digital native, you enjoy sharing your family members’ lives online. You are the first to post pictures and updates about your family on social networks. You can’t see why you wouldn’t be friends with your kid and all of their pals.

Mostly D’s – The Blissfully Unaware

If your kids want to be online, then who are you to stop them?  You trust your kids to come to you if they have any concerns about what they’ve seen online. Does the Internet really pose that much of a threat anyway?


For more information on the latest AVG Digital Diaries research, check out the AVG Digital Diaries homepage.

June 3, 2014