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September 4, 2013

Today we launched AVG PrivacyFix™, a major milestone in AVG’s mission to provide peace of mind to a connected world. Built on the PrivacyFix framework first launched in late 2012,

Today we launched AVG PrivacyFix, a major milestone in AVG’s mission to provide peace of mind to a connected world.

Built on the PrivacyFix framework first launched in late 2012, PrivacyFix now goes where you go, with apps for Android™ and iOS™, providing a unified privacy experience across all the devices you use.

PrivacyFix also showcases our first app built with the Facebook API, Crowd Control, which lets you quickly and easily narrow who sees your activity on Facebook.

The PrivacyFix Dashboard for Chrome and Firefox has been redesigned to be even more informative and powerful. We also unveiled PrivacyFix Alerts, a privacy companion that warns you of privacy risks of the sites you visit and lets you know when sites change their privacy practices or suffer data breaches.

There’s a lot to talk about in this release, but first I want to express my deep appreciation to the many AVG employees world-wide who contributed to this launch.

To the designers, coders and QA specialists on the indefatigable NorCal privacy team, the mobile experts in Tel Aviv, the PR and marketing geniuses in London and SF, the network and database wizards in Atlanta, the disciplined program managers and user-experience braintrust in Prague, and the many other professionals across our global company, I am extremely grateful. So too will be the millions of AVG users who can now enjoy your good work.

Here are the highlights:


Put privacy in your pocket

Our biggest step forward in this release is to bring AVG PrivacyFix to Android and iOS. Mobile devices, where we live much of our digital lives, carry their own privacy risks.

The new PrivacyFix mobile apps make it easy to deal with key Facebook and Google settings, control ad tracking and get notified when privacy settings change. We took the time to build out an architecture that allows us to connect your privacy experience across all of your devices, and over time, across different AVG services to serve you better.


Now that’s a Dashboard

In AVG PrivacyFix for Chrome and Firefox, you’ll find a completely new look PrivacyFix Dashboard, with new controls, new information and easier and clearer instructions.

We’ve also given your fixes a flow, so you can cycle through those that need attention one after the other without returning to the main dashboard. Locking down your privacy just got easier, again.

On the new dashboard you’ll now see your Facebook Protection Level, an at-a-glance rating of your overall “openness” on Facebook. See where you stand, see which settings matter most, and see exactly what do to if you want to share a bit less.

The dashboard also shows off a more detailed, precise and interesting approach to estimating what you might be worth to companies like Facebook. The first, primitive version of this feature fascinated users, and helped them understand the business models that support useful services like Facebook and Google. We enhanced this feature because AVG PrivacyFix is about being a good steward of your own data; understanding your piece of the Big Data bonanza is a fun part of that job.


Your crowd is under control

AVG PrivacyFix also showcases a new feature, CrowdControl, which makes it dead simple to decide who among your friends will see your Facebook activity by default.

CrowdControl takes advantage of the Facebook API, so your friends can be organized into one easy interface, bringing to the top friends who may be less relevant based on the number of interactions you have with them. Select the ones who don’t need to see your stuff by default, and with a few clicks your day-to-day audience narrows to your liking.


Know before you share

The Healthbar, a very popular feature since its inception, has been reborn as PrivacyFix Alerts, an online privacy advisor that stays with you as you visit and interact with sites across the Web. The PrivacyFix icon in your browser turns orange when a site has privacy concerns, sporting a special red indicator to show when there are privacy issues that you haven’t already reviewed. The same alerts platform also runs through our apps for Android and iOS, so you’ll know when Facebook, Google or LinkedIn change their privacy policies or have new issues to       consider. It’s never been easier to be careful with your data.


Privacy by design practiced here

When it comes to privacy practices in our own products, we’re obsessive about making sure we only access the data we need, we use it only for the purposes you expect, and we only keep it as long as we really need to. For example, when you grant permission for PrivacyFix to use Facebook profile data, we take extra steps to obscure your Facebook ID and to push operations to your client even if it might be easier to do it on the server. The most private approach isn’t always the easiest or fastest approach, but it’s well worth it to ensure that you can use PrivacyFix with complete confidence.


Coming soon

I will resist the urge to publish any spoilers about what we have in store for AVG PrivacyFix, but suffice it to say that work is already well underway. That’s because privacy choices continue to grow in number and complexity, and we’re stepping up to help you out. Please let us know what you think!

You can download AVG PRivacyFix by clicking the following link:

September 4, 2013