SEO for small businesses

SEO for small businesses
June 21, 2013

Regardless of what your business does, it is likely that you have a website. You might rely on your site to sell goods or services or you might only use

Regardless of what your business does, it is likely that you have a website. You might rely on your site to sell goods or services or you might only use your website to give marketing and contact information.

Either way, it’s important to make sure your website follows the basic principles of search engine optimisation (SEO). If your website ranks highly on search engines your business will improve its visibility and attract new customers.

Here are some quick tips to improve your SEO and get Google and other search engines to love your site:


Use keywords throughout your site

Whatever your business does, there will be related keywords which describe it. Make sure you are using these keywords in your titles and in the copy written on the pages of your site. If you use images make sure these have the alt text filled in and use keywords there too.

Be careful not to go overboard, only use the keywords where they make sense. Adding too many to a page is called ‘keyword stuffing’ and is penalised by Google et al. The optimal keyword density is 3%.

You can use Google’s Keyword Tool to see which of the keywords that are related to your business have less competition. By using these you have a better chance of ranking highly when they are used to search.


Create internal and external links

Links to and within your site to the various pages are the way that search engines find your site and its content.

By increasing links you are giving the search engines a better chance of finding your site. It is quite easy to make sure that your internal pages all link to each other. External links can be tougher to get.

You can encourage external links by engaging in your industry’s online community. Link to other good quality sites as a start.

Build up relationships with other businesses and see if they are happy to link to you in return. As long as these links are genuine, your SEO will improve.


Create a blog with sharable content

If you look around at other business websites you will notice that a lot of them have blogs. These blogs are a great way to boost your SEO.

Google has recently changed its algorithm to favour sites with good content. This means articles, videos or infographics that others find useful.

Having a blog is also a great way to encourage links. If someone shares your content a link will be created.


Make sure you are active on social media

Social media activity is beneficial for a company’s SEO. The more you post, the better your SEO. Also if you are creating content you need a way to get it out there.

It is up to you how many social media platforms you join. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most obvious choices for a business but Pinterest and Instagram have also proven useful for companies  – especially those with interesting imagery to share.

Once you have shared your content, every like, retweet and pin will give your link authority a little boost.

June 21, 2013