Understanding AVG’s new privacy policy

Understanding AVG’s new privacy policy
September 17, 2015

We have introduced a one-page, easy-to-read, privacy policy that gives our customers the information they need, rather than a long, legally written document that is hard to understand.

Our CEO, Gary Kovacs, announced at Mobile World Congress that AVG was developing a clear and simple version of its privacy policy for its users, and challenged the industry to do the same.

The new privacy policy does not come into effect until October 15th. We released the new privacy policy a month before it becomes effective to give our users time to provide any feedback they might have.

When creating our new policy format, we decided that our customers should have the ability to choose whether or not to participate in our anonymized data collection program.

We are currently adding this option to some of our FREE consumer products, and we can confirm that no sharing of data will happen until our customers are able to make this choice.

Most software products and websites collect usage data.

Usage data allows them to customize the experience for their customers and also share data with third parties that allow them to improve or develop new products.  Knowing that 10 million users like a certain TV program gives broadcasters the data to get producers to make more of that type of program.  This is also how taxi firms know how to distribute their fleets; and how advertisers know where to place banners and billboards, for example.  Even at AVG, we have published non-personal information that we have collected regarding App performance.

We do not, and will not, sell personally identifiable data to anyone, including advertisers. 

AVG has continually challenged the industry to simplify its privacy policies and provide an informative, one-page view. We are proud of our new privacy policy and intend to continue our drive for more transparency and greater user choice.

September 17, 2015