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September 6, 2013

Why is there a need for privacy? Privacy has been a big issue in 2013. The news has been filled with stories about everything from cookies and tracking to social

Why is there a need for privacy?

Privacy has been a big issue in 2013. The news has been filled with stories about everything from cookies and tracking to social network sharing.

In fact, AVG’s latest research indicates that 86% of people are aware of privacy issues on their devices and social networks.

It seems that people are willing to sacrifice privacy for the benefits of technology … but only to a point. Nearly 80 percent of respondents have cancelled a download after it requested their personal information.

And the battle for our data only looks set to continue with 69 percent of respondents voicing concerns that in the future, technology is only going to get more intrusive.

What’s the big deal? Well when it comes to the internet, data is king. What many people don’t realise is that as they are browsing, sharing or buying online, they are revealing quite a lot about themselves and their habits. This data is then sold on for a profit.

If you’ve ever received spam mail, there’s a good chance that your email address has been sold on or lifted from a public domain.

So how can we learn how much of our information is out there on the web and what can we do to protect our data and stop websites from tracking our movements and using our personal information?

Fortunately, this is where AVG PrivacyFix comes in.


What is AVG PrivacyFix?

AVG PrivacyFix is an app available from which quickly and easily shows you what you’re sharing on key social networking sites and with one simple click, take you straight to where to fix things if you don’t like it. You can also use it to turn off website tracking when you search and also ask companies to delete data that is held on you.


In fact, AVG PrivacyFix has a number of ways to help users keep control of their data.


  • Check your privacy settings across all your social network
  • Block over 1,200 different trackers from following your movements online
  • Get detailed information about the privacy policies of the websites you visit
  • Request that websites delete any of the data they hold about you
  • Find out just how much your data is worth to companies like Facebook and Google.


AVG PrivacyFix gives you unrivalled control over your personal data online and can help you lock everything down with just one click.


Designed with individuals in mind

Privacy can be a complex beast. AVG PrivacyFix makes it easier for you to see at a glance how much information you’re sharing and allows you to feel comfortable m to be yourself online without worrying about any nasty surprises.

We all use the internet in slightly different ways, and it’s important to realise that an 18 year old gamer can want a different web experience to a 40 year old mom. AVG PrivacyFix puts the end user in total control of their privacy so that every user gets exactly what they want.

Much as we all want different levels of privacy, we’re all at different levels of technical understanding which is why we’ve made AVG PrivacyFix as simple and easy to use as possible while still incorporating powerful features for advanced users.


AVG PrivacyFix is now available on mobile devices

AVG PrivacyFix gives peace of mind and greater control of their data for years now, but we also realise that because we no longer live our digital lives just on a PC, it’s important for our users to have the same control when using their mobiles or tablets.

Whether you have an Apple or Android device, you can be sure that AVG PrivacyFix can help keep your data private, your trackers blocked and your settings managed.

For more information on AVG PrivacyFix for your mobile device, check out or watch this video to find out more about the product.

September 6, 2013