I'm proud to say that since its launch in October 2012, AVG CloudCare has amassed more than 1,000 reseller partners and is already managing tens of thousands of small business endpoints across the UK and North America.

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    AVG CloudCare provides small business resellers and MSPs with a free-of-charge, easy-to-use cloud-based administrative platform, allowing them to remotely deploy and manage their client’s security with AVG antivirus.

    So we’re 1,000 partners in and the feedback so far has been fantastic. We ran a study in November to see what our partners thought of the product and an overwhelming 80% felt that their businesses had become more efficient with AVG CloudCare.

    But we’re not going to stop there; we’ve been working hard to improve AVG CloudCare to ensure that you businesses are getting the very best tools at a price they can afford.

    We’ve just released AVG CloudCare 2.1 which is jam packed full of improvements and updates to key features like AVG Content Filtering, AntiVirus detection technology and the Virus Vault.

    There’s also a host of completely new features such as the ability to upgrade or transfer customers to AVG CloudCare, additional alert filtering options, dashboard interface improvements, personalized component installation and new billing options.

    We’ve also made it easier than ever to upgrade your clients to CloudCare, regardless of whether they are with another provider. A simple tick box allows you to remove an outdated AVG package or other branded antivirus solutions and replace them with the very latest AVG protection, all done remotely.

    So what are you waiting for, come and join the growing number of AVG CloudCare partners, with our no hassle 30 day Free Trial, there’s nothing to lose.

    To find out more and become an AVG CloudCare partner, go to www.avg.com/cloudcare.