One of the things I enjoy about my role is receiving feedback from our AVG partners. A recent example is APH in the UK.

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    The team at APH was ready to take a more modern and proactive approach to their operations. But one challenge was the ability to expand their customer base - 110+ small-and-medium businesses operating in the distribution, manufacturing, engineering and services sectors - with the same APH staff of 15.  The team had to be able to close the loop on the better management and delivery of a complete managed services solution.

    AVG Managed Workplace and its integrated Premium Remote Control, plus the quality of the technical and sales support from AVG Business, convinced APH to migrate its entire base of managed service clients from a standard antivirus product to the full-service AVG Business solutions platform.

    Chris Carter, the Technical Infrastructure Consultant at APH, explains how APH’s move to AVG CloudCare and AVG Managed Workplace is a win for their clients and for them: “AVG AntiVirus picks up more threats than other products we were using, plus the AVG Business stack gives us wider, proactive control over the complete infrastructure at our client sites.”

    As a trusted technology partner, we provide the support our partners need to confidently build relationships with their clients.  Chris is being supported by his AVG partner account manager who “wants to know where we’re trying to take our company and is helping us decide which services and features of the AVG Business stack can strengthen our customers’ infrastructure while creating profitable, long-term revenue streams for us.” 

    Having completed the first phase of the AVG Business rollout, APH is now able to pre-empt client system faults as it takes advantage of AVG’s single pane of glass view, its automatic network discovery and monitoring, remote management and network audit reports.

    And next, the remote, automation and reporting capabilities of the AVG Business solutions will allow the APH team to better schedule PC maintenance, coordinate patch management and control the rollout of Windows updates.

    As Chris explains, APH has made the decision to “cover the cost of client installations because within a year we’ll be supporting only one product. We have higher profits from the new licences because the margin difference between where we were and where we are now with AVG Business is significant.”

    Chris also says the detailed reporting within AVG Managed Workplace “will allow us to see what’s happening with all assets on every customer site and give us the opportunity to upsell services.”

    Where are they headed as an AVG channel partner? There are no limits.