AVG AntiVirus for Android “Marshmallow” update, now easier to use

December 15, 2015

Our latest update to the AVG AntiVirus for Android app provides compatibility with the Android “Marshmallow”, has improved performance and is even easier to use.

At AVG we are constantly improving our products, ensuring you get the best experience and features to help keep your digital world safer and more secure.

We’ve recently updated our popular AVG AntiVirus for Android app. It provides compatibility with the latest version of Android, and it has improved performance and is even easier to use.

 Google’s latest Android operating system update (called ‘Marshmallow’) has been released, so we’ve ensured AVG AntiVirus for Android is compatible and ready to install, so that there’s no disruption to the security and protection of your device and its data.

We’ve also taken the easy-to-use interface and improved it further! The design has been updated in line with Google’s Material Design principles for a more attractive and unified experience on your Android device.

AVG Anti-Theft & App Lock now share the same PIN. That’s one less code you need to remember to access your advanced security features.

If you don’t already use the Anti-Theft feature, you’ll want to consider enabling it to help secure your data in case your device is ever lost or stolen. It allows you to:

  • Sound an alarm on your device
  • Lock your device
  • Locate your device on Google Maps
  • Wipe your personal data

The ability to erase your personal data from a device is very useful these days, if not essential. Once enabled, it will help you avoid a potential data breach which, as we’ve seen, can have serious consequences.

We’ve also introduced some additional fixes and improvements behind-the-scenes to ensure you get the best experience and protection for your mobile device.

If you haven’t already updated AVG AntiVirus for Android, we recommend you update now. If you don’t have security software installed yet, download AVG AntiVirus for Android for free from Google Play to help protect your devices against viruses, malware and spyware.

December 15, 2015