“Does exactly what it says on the tin” was an advertising slogan that appeared in the UK in the 90s. It resonated well with consumers due to its simplicity. Today, it’s a common term referring to something that is straightforward and does the job.

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    I am reminded of this phrase when I read the recent independent test results for the AVG AntiVirus products. The results show that AVG products are delivering our promise to protect our users from malware. Lets take a moment to review the recent results…



    Virus Bulletin (VB) tested 39 Anti-malware solutions running on Windows 7 Professional and AVG AntiVirus received the top RAP result with 91.6%. The test measures a products detection rates on the newest samples available as well as an unknown sample to see how quickly and accurately they detect it. Click here to see the full test results.

    But it's not just about An important part of providing the best protection is that the detection engine doesn’t slow down the performance of the machine. VB tested the performance impact slowdown vs detection and there was nothing to worry about here either, as you can see here.

    [st_image template="B1" alt="VB100" select_image="http://now.avg.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/vb_100_detection_vs_performance.jpg"]


    Detecting malware is of course extremely important but its also critical that malware is removed once detected and AV-Comparatives conducts a test that measures the quality of removal and AVG AntiVirus achieved ‘Gold’ status in this test along with ‘Top Rated Security Product 2014’.

    [st_image template="B1" alt="AV Comparatives" select_image="http://now.avg.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/photo_11_03_15_11_01_11.jpg"]


    In summary the above tests show that the AVG AntiVirus products really do ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ for detection, performance and in the removal of malware.

    It should give you the confidence to use the Internet without worry as AVG has you covered.

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