At AVG, we believe our partners are truly an extension of our ever-growing team. Developing strong relationships with our partners is what keeps us on course to drive mutual growth.

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    AVG partner Gordon Montgomery, operations director at MCC Computers Ltd., recently shared some excellent feedback. Through the partnership with AVG, MCC has added new services, increased revenue and put new customer retentions strategies in place.

    We were impressed by MCC’s results and we submitted these updates to award organizers at the European IT and Software Excellence Awards.  AVG Business was selected as one of 86 finalists from an entry field of more than 400 companies in 31 countries. During the award ceremony on April 14, AVG Business was chosen as Security Vendor of the Year.

    We now have another strong accolade that our AVG partners can share with their customers and prospects.

    MCC is a perfect example of how partnership accelerates business. We’ve worked with MCC for several years. Using AVG CloudCare, the antivirus side of MCC’s business grew 96% year over year, and anti-spam 29%. Cloud backup, initially a very small part of its business, grew 156% in the first year.

    MCC can deploy a range of cloud security solutions for multiple clients from AVG CloudCare’s cloud-based administration platform. AVG CloudCare’s central dashboard and built-in remote access are also key to MCC’s support capabilities.

    Gordon shared, “We are revelling in the time AVG CloudCare is saving us. We’ve also reduced our onsite visits, allowing us to focus on productive client service and business growth.”

    Gordon also put AVG CloudCare to the test with MCC’s renewal and retention efforts. Through AVG CloudCare’s platform, the MCC team can monitor customers’ systems and identify when renewals or service is needed. After the first year, MCC saw a 97% renewal rate and are now continuing this program each year.

    As Gordon sums it up, “Our partnership with AVG Business and products like AVG CloudCare have given us the management control we need to effectively protect our customers and at the same time, build our own business make our customers successful.”

    Thank you to MCC and all our partners for their continued support and our joint success.

    Please share this award win with your clients.  Thank you!