A new release of the AVG Cleaner for Android 3 is now out just in time for spring. (Get it or update to the newest version here, if you haven’t already.) Our engineers have been hard at work finding new ways to clean up even more long-forgotten or useless stuff from your phone. Our latest release ( to be exact) also cleans out WhatsApp photos, screenshots, and huge videos.

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    We’ll walk you through the three new additions:

    Number 1: WhatsApp cleaning

    You think that your apps, music, or photos consume all your phone’s storage? Think again. A big hidden memory eater are your messaging apps. All the photos you send and receive in WhatsApp are stored on your phone. Depending on how active you and your friends are, this can quickly get out of hand.

    When using WhatApp, you see associated files when you tap on the name of your friend:

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    In this example, it is just two photos. Now multiply that by every conversation you have had and every photo you have sent or received. AVG Cleaner reveals how quickly it adds up, and lets you just as quickly clean out files replicated from your photo library.

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    Number 2: screenshots

    I don’t think one day of my life goes by without me taking a screenshot of an app or desktop software. Screenshots are now used by almost everyone to create quick reminders, share a message, show someone a snapshot of Facebook, provide guidance on an app – and for lots of other quick and dirty uses.

    Unfortunately, these shots don’t delete themselves. They also have a tendency to consume a lot of free space. On my Galaxy S6, the average screenshot of an app (e.g., Facebook or Google Maps) or a game is 1-2 Megabytes. That’s because Android stores these shots in uncompressed PNG format, which sports decent quality but can eat up quite a lot of storage.

    Our AVG Cleaner for Android shows you leftover screenshots and – with a tap – helps you get rid of them.

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    Number 3: huge video

    Being more of a tech guy than most, I knew that WhatsApp and screenshots could weigh heavily on my phone. But I completely overlooked large videos that I either took myself or downloaded from the web. I forgot I had almost a gig of these files hidden away when I could’ve used that space for apps or photos that I actually needed.

    Our Cleaner takes care of it.  It detects and helps you get rid of these huge videos once and for all!