Many AVG partners are starting to enjoy the simplicity of providing their SMB customers with services via the Internet using AVG CloudCare™.  This was the overriding impression given by members of the UK Partner Advisory Council which met for the first time this month.

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    Meeting on the same day that AVG CloudCare’s Remote IT tool came out of Beta, the panel of strategic partners warmly commended AVG for having learned from the mistakes made by other early entrants in the cloud security market before coming in with a disruptive approach that is both simple and effective.

    The session identified key challenges in the market including how as a country the UK’s communications infrastructure is still very patchy when it comes to broadband reliability – especially in more rural areas. However, there was general consensus that many SMBs who decided to try a managed service approach to their IT a few years ago are ready to move to cloud services.  It was also generally agreed that there are a lot of SMB opportunities to be had out there provided you have the right delivery platform to take advantage of them.

    Every member of the panel reported positive experiences using AVG CloudCare so far.  One had developed a new managed IT support service for SMBs build around the platform while another had even introduced the solution to another IT reseller so they could manage their customers more effectively.

    At AVG we understand how important it is to have the right platform.  I along with Luke Walling who runs North America and other
    senior members of AVG’s SMB business have lived and breathed the channel for many years, even running our own successful reseller companies in our previous lives. We are passionate about the Channel and committed to keeping it that way.

    We understand that resellers expect strong support from their vendors and that the best way to keep resellers happy is to keep their customers happy. With AVG CloudCare we worked closely with our partners to develop a platform that just works, plain and simple.  As one of our partners at the meeting put it he likes to tell the owner-managers of his SMB customers: “You may own the company but it does not mean you have to own issues with IT.”

    In summary, I should just like to thank in person all our partners who attended this week’s event for their dedication and commitment.  By working together with us you are helping to make AVG CloudCare even better so that we can all benefit from its growing presence in the SMB market.