AVG’s perfect test score for real world protection translates into an Advanced+ award from AV-Comparatives. You can go about your daily browsing knowing you have award winning protection from AVG.


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    AV-Comparatives have just released the Real-World Test scores for July. One company stands out from the rest with a ‘Perfect Game’, 100% detection with zero false positives, AVG. The term Perfect Game is a baseball reference when a pitcher plays the whole game with none of the opposing team getting to first base. For the soccer fans out there we might refer to this as a ‘clean sheet’.

    It sounds great but what does it all mean?

    Real-world testing means exactly what it says, the researchers at AV-Comparatives identified 355 infected URLs that were delivering a malicious exploits and drive-by-downloads and then tested each vendor to see if they are detected. By testing this way it imitates the exact way that you or I might encounter an infected website in our everyday lives.

    And what is meant by a false positive?

    To check that a product does not over block or even block every web site or file to achieve 100% detection scores, sites and files known to be clean are tested to ensure they can run without hindrance from the anti-virus product installed. A detection of a clean file or web page as malicious is regarded as a false positive and it can be devastating to your everyday life as you can no longer access or run the program, file or web page.

    A perfect game for an AV product is perfection itself, 100% detection with Zero false positives. Giving you the confidence to browse and go about your online life knowing AVG is there and providing you best detection rate with zero risk.

    Click the award below to see the full test results.

    And I can’t write this blog without mentioning the hard work and diligence of the AVG researchers and engineers that work 24 x 7 to make all this possible, well done team and keep up the good work.