AVG kicks off free on demand training series for partners

September 17, 2015

We’ve established the AVG Business Accelerator Partner Academy – delivering free online training to help you grow your business.

VP of Product Marketing and Marketing, AVG Business

Opportunities for business growth are often right in front of us but taking advantage of them and succeeding may require specific knowledge or experience. This is why we have established the AVG Business Accelerator Partner Academy to help support your growth and equip you to win in your markets.

Through the Academy, we offer you and your team free online technical training in six modules as well as business transformation training in three different modules. We’ve worked with industry leaders and MSPs to design the curriculum specifically to help AVG Business partners grow and succeed rolling out Managed Workplace to your customers.

We know your time is limited and very valuable. The tracks we’ve put together are based on what you have told us you need, designed to help give you a competitive advantage. We want to equip you for success in your market and help in any way we can to accelerate your growth.

Beginning this month, the Business Transformation training kicks off and includes:

  • September:  Sales & Marketing Transformation
  • October: Business Transformation
  • November & December: Service Transformation

The technical training, which will include six modules split into several short videos covering Installation through to Reporting, will be available in October.

These ‘live’ sessions will include open Q&A sessions so that you can learn from our specialists and other MSPs in real-time. After each scheduled training session, these will be available for viewing on demand via our Partner Portal (sessions available for viewing October 1 and after).

Taking the Academy curriculum will help you:

  • Build your leads inflow and pipeline for business.
  • Leverage professional services automation to increase efficiency and profitability.
  • Work in partnership with your account manager to seize new revenue opportunities.
  • Use metrics to better manage sales, marketing and operations.
  • Better represent your expertise with customers and potential clients.

I encourage you to attend and let us know what you think. We’re listening.

To find more information and sign up for free training, visit AVG Business Accelerator Partner Academy.


September 17, 2015