As an AVG subscriber, you deserve to know everything about our handling of your personal data, from what we collect and why to how we protect it. Just as new GDPR rules take effect in the EU, we have updated our AVG privacy policy with simpler, more straightforward language.

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    Additionally, we added new privacy settings to cover today’s concerns with third-party ads, cross-product marketing, and analytics. These settings are already in place, and there is no action required on your part.

    Our privacy policy is not geo-specific. It is the same wherever you are in the world. And the process to change a setting remains the same as before. Privacy doesn’t need to be complicated.

    At a time when privacy itself is under fire, we’ve updated our privacy policy to more clearly explain what data of yours we use and how we use it. Read the updated privacy policy to learn more.
    If any of your questions are unanswered or you have any concerns about how we use your data, please contact us through our new Privacy Preference Portal. We really do read all your comments.