AMSTERDAM, March 23, 2011 – AVG Technologies announces its new Android security solution for Android tablets. Building on the success of AVG Mobile Solutions’ popular Smartphone application, ANTIVIRUSFree for Android is now designed for the needs and possibilities of the new wave of tablet devices.

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    According to recent industry reports, 2011 will be the year when tablet devices go mainstream as millions of people will be browsing, loading personal data and using multiple apps on their tablets.

    With ANTIVIRUSFree for Android tablets (AVG Mobilation for Android), Android tablet users now have peace of mind knowing that their valuable data and device is protected, using cloud-based security technology that is simple to use, always up-to-date, and light on the device and battery life.

    AVG Mobilation for Android tablet can scan apps, settings, data and media files in real time for viruses and other malware. And if the tablet gets lost or stolen, it can be remotely traced and wiped to protect privacy. The backup feature also protects contacts, call logs, bookmarks, messages and installed applications to an SD card. The ‘app locker’ can password protect any app on the tablet to prevent children using certain applications or data.

    "Mobile devices are vital to most people’s lives and have practically developed into full computers in your pocket," said J.R. Smith, CEO, AVG Technologies. "IDC predicted that nearly 50 million tablets will be sold this year, meaning more users will carry more of their digital life world with them, everywhere. As a result, securing these devices and protecting data becomes ever more crucial."

    "A mobile device is more personal than your computer at home, as it goes next to your wallet and your house keys and contains relevant data, your contacts, your family photos and memories," said Omri Sigelman, VP Marketing and Products, AVG Mobile Solutions. "AVG Mobilation for Android tablet protects you from the threats that target precious data in mobile devices. It can even help you to locate your device on Google Maps and remotely wipe it if it should get stolen lost or stolen."

    About AVG Technologies

    AVG is a global security software maker protecting more than 110 million consumers and small businesses in 170 countries from the ever-growing incidence of Web threats, viruses, spam, cyber-scams and hackers on the Internet. AVG has nearly two decades of experience in combating cyber crime and one of the most advanced laboratories for detecting, pre-empting and combating Web-borne threats from around the world. Its free, downloadable software allows novice users to have basic anti-virus protection and then easily upgrade to greater levels of safety and defense when they are ready. AVG has nearly 6,000 resellers, partners and distributors globally including, CNET, Cisco, Ingram Micro,, Wal-Mart, and Yahoo!

    About AVG Mobile Solutions

    AVG Mobilation is a pioneer in the field of mobile security solutions, providing both the tools and services needed to safeguard all Android™ devices (smartphones, e-readers, tablets and appliances). AVG Mobilation solutions protect mobile devices and data against security, privacy and identity threats by addressing the unique requirements of mobile security. That’s how we’ve continued to ensure the integrity of applications and services for mobile users over the years.


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