On 17 July AVG announced MultiMi, a social media integrator that helps people stay in touch with the people that matter in their life. AVG has compiled a list of vital information users need to know about the product.

1) What is MultiMi?

MultiMi is a social media integrator that helps people stay in touch with the people that matter in their life.  Whether it’s Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or any other platform, MultiMi lets users stay in touch with one click. They can drag a tweet into an email while simultaneously updating their Facebook status or move a photo from email into Flickr or Picasa. Not only does MultiMi help users to seamlessly integrate multiple channels, it protects people’s online activity with AVG’s renowned LinkScanner® technology.

2) Why do I want it?

MultiMi is the smart and safe social software that helps you stay in touch with the people that matter in your life. It lets you safely cut through the clutter on the web. Email, Facebook, Picasa, Twitter...with MultiMi you can see people’s holiday pictures, the top spots in town, your favorite recipes or simply what’s going on in the life of family and friends - all in one place.

3) What does it cost?

MultiMi is a free download for Windows, available from www.free.avg.com/multimi

4) What services can I use with MultiMi?

MultiMi supports a broad range of services including:

·         Email -- Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, PoP3 and IMAP

·         Social -- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

·         Calendars -- Facebook, Google

·         RSS -- Google reader and Pocket

·         Photos -- Picasa, Facebook and Flickr

·         Media -- YouTube

·         Docs -- Gdocs, Box.net

·         Chat -- Gtalk and Facebook

5) How is MultiMi “Kept safe by AVG”?

MultiMi is wrapped in a security layer provided by AVG’s renowned LinkScanner® technology. Links in MultiMi, whether they are in an email, tweet, on Facebook or a webpage for instance are scanned by AVG LinkScanner so you can manage your online social networks with peace of mind.

6) Can I see MultiMi in action?

Yes, there are a number of videos available on the MultiMi YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/MultiMi

7) What if I have more questions about MultiMi?

Eidan Apelbaum, the creator of MultiMi, held a Q&A session on Facebook, live from AVG’s San Francisco offices on 17 July. If you have further questions, the AVG community on Facebook is the best place to go www.facebook.com/avgfree.

8) How can I be kept up to date about MultiMi news?

MultiMi has its own Twitter feed www.twitter.com/MultiMi and website www.multimi.com.