Get rid of clutter from your Android devices now!

November 17, 2014

How AVG Cleaner for Android 2.2 can help you free up valuable space on your Android smartphone or tablet and get it back to its best.

Device Performance Expert

We all have way too much unnecessary clutter on our phones and tablets – things that eat away our storage, waste mobile data and drain battery life. Some of this is caused by the apps we use on a daily basis, like games or social media– but much is also caused by apps we no longer use or that are running constantly in the background.

Our new AVG Cleaner for Android 2.2 makes it quick and easy to identify (and remove) such unwanted apps but also helps you clean the clutter from your phone, such as cache, history, and call logs.

So what’s New in Version 2.2?

  • Large file finder: Our all-new version 2.2 app scans your Android tablet and phone for massive files, such as downloads, app packages, videos, music files or other data that you may have downloaded or copied over to your device – and perhaps forgotten about.
  • Caller History Cleaner: AVG Cleaner for Android helps you clean up all calls or even one specific entry in your call history.
  • Check up on your Android from your PC: You can remotely check up on your Android smartphone or tablet from your PC. In this example, I added a Galaxy S5 to my AVG Zen network and monitored it right from my PC.


Now the really cool thing is that you can’t just check up on your AVG Zen network from your PC – but also direct from your Android. That’s right, you can even check up the Performance and the Security status of all your AVG Zen connected devices, such as PCs or Laptops running Windows and Mac computers right from your phone. To do that, fire up your Google Play store and download AVG Zen Admin console:

Once you’ve signed into your AVG Zen account, you can even check up on your devices from wherever you are!


Sandro Villinger
November 17, 2014