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    Glideslope Software Ltd, in Manchester, England, has developed highly specialized expertise in delivering quality IT support to charitable organizations. Now, with those services underpinned by the right security solutions, Glideslope is leveraging customer satisfaction to get a foot in the door at other businesses.

    To give you an idea of the security issues, some of Glideslope’s charity customers have as many as 12 administrative sites and hostels, with staff travelling between locations and who introduce data to the network from a risky mix of devices and memory sticks. The problem is how best to secure and manage the data of geographically dispersed sites, as well as staff who are operating on disparate and often ageing hardware. Data security is further complicated by UK’s strict laws covering end client privacy and the use of cloud-based services. And, of course, every proposal has to deliver the greatest value for the money.

    Glideslope’s answer to bringing a consistent level of service to all its client organizations has been to install AVG Internet Security Business Edition and AVG AntiVirus Business Edition. As its clients’ current policies expire, Glideslope is migrating all 35 of its regular clients – with 1,000 end users - to AVG Internet Security Business Edition or AVG CloudCare, depending on the best fit.

    John Miller, Glideslope Software’s Director, describes his approach: “We see efficient IT support as the key to our clients’ growth, agility and happy employees. For our charity sector customers in particular, AVG Business solutions are essential in ensuring they can operate virus and spam free so they can seamlessly and effortlessly continue their valuable work.”

    He’s also pretty pleased with how the AVG suite is helping his operations: “AVG works brilliantly in the background, so no calls from clients checking on pop ups. The admin console shows us which machines have problems. The Anti-Spam plug-in removes over 2500 spam emails before they reach end user machines. And I can’t remember the last time a client called to say they’d found a virus that AVG had missed. Everyone saves time and money.”

    So, while areas of specialization can create differentiators for you in the marketplace, what every channel partner needs to do is back that expertise with quality services, at an affordable price, and a trusted, knowledgeable team.

    Many of our channel partners are driving successful businesses by building their reputations from a niche customer base – by proving their understanding of those clients’ special needs they grow a portfolio of very happy, referenceable sites. Here’s how one partner is using our AVG Business AntiVirus and Internet Security solutions to ensure its not-for-profit customers can operate virus and spam free and focus on their valuable work.