To help consumers better navigate the crowded antivirus software market, AV- Comparatives periodically conducts independent tests on leading brands and publishes the findings on its website. They performed two such tests recently: one on performance impact, the other on effective protection against malware.

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    Performance test

    It’s a fact—every brand of antivirus software affects computer performance in one way or another. The worst of them can slow performance down to maddeningly sluggish rates, while the best of them keep the security humming along in the background with nary a blip to processing speeds.

    AVG Free Antivirus earned AV-Comparatives’ coveted three-star award for its performance test results. With AVG running, the computer performed common tasks, including;

    • File copying
    • Archiving/unarchiving
    • Installing/uninstalling apps
    • Launching apps
    • Downloading files
    • Browsing websites

    Testers measured the speed of each task, and marked them as one of the following: slow, mediocre, fast, and very fast. AVG scored “fast” for installing/uninstalling applications, and “very fast” for all the other categories.

    Malware protection test

    Now we get to the meat-and-potatoes of an AV software’s job. Just how well does it detect and protect against malware? AV-Comparatives looked at twenty different home-user security products and launched 20,011 strains of malware at them. AVG finished strong with the following results:

    • Detection rate (offline) – 97.5%
    • Detection rate (online) – 99.3%
    • Protection rate (online) – 99.99%

    The study focused on the ability of each brand’s software “to protect a system against infection by malicious files before, during, or after execution,” reports the official test results. Observing the security systems at each of these stages gave a more holistic approach to the test, helping the testers better gauge the overall effectiveness of the security.  AVG is one of the very few brands to submit its “Free” version of its Antivirus for testing, meaning it gets these high scores even while competing against and beating products that users pay for.

    Be informed when choosing your antivirus. You want minimal performance impact and super-strong malware defense. See for yourself why AVG Free Antivirus scored so highly in both those categories by downloading and installing it today.