Introducing AVG Zen

February 24, 2014

When you think back to early 2000’s and the arrival of laptop computing, the possibilities seemed endless. Here was a way to connect to the Internet from anywhere in the

When you think back to early 2000’s and the arrival of laptop computing, the possibilities seemed endless. Here was a way to connect to the Internet from anywhere in the world, whenever we wanted. Okay, so we were not online all the time, but the feeling of freedom and mobility changed how we communicate.

Today, our smartphones help us to be online any time and everywhere. It seems no matter who you speak to these days, there is a consensus that the Internet and the “Internet of Things” is growing rapidly.

It seems that very soon there will be more connected devices than people on the planet- somewhere around 50 billion devices.  Our connected lives are about to change. The very definition of “connected” is about to change. Devices being connected to the “Internet of Things” will become so common that we will view it just as we currently view the electricity that powers our homes.

The immediate future is full of possibilities when it comes to growing the “Internet of Things”. Connected cars, TVs, fridges, cameras, and washing machines are all in development and very soon there will be a “smart” version of almost any gadget you can think of.  For example, Google is also getting into the Thermostat business, doesn’t that tell us something about just how much more “online” has really come to mean?

One industry set for a major overhaul as we connect our lives to the Internet is health and fitness. We’ll soon have gadgets that can monitor the health of our children, monitor irregular hearts and track nutrition and exercise, and even diagnose conditions like diabetes.

I think the benefits of a connected world are clear for all to see, whether you are saving money on your heating bill, getting more exercise, or avoiding collisions on the freeway.

But there’s another side to the coin, and one that I think deserves a little more consideration. I’m talking about data.

The data held on the Internet is now over 4 zettabytes . That’s a huge amount of data. It comes from our human urge to create, share and enjoy games, images, video and more.

Imagine how much that is going to grow with 50 billion connected devices pumping location data, images, video, and other personal data into the cloud all day every day. Soon you won’t be able to go to the store without having your data automatically uploaded to the cloud.

When you look at the amount of data users are currently creating and leaving behind, imagine just how much information will be online in the future where every one of us is tracking our journeys, our diets, our exercise, our heating and our fridge contents.

The Internet is set to become a gigantic and explicitly detailed log book of our lives, capturing and quantifying every single detail. It can be a scary thought.

I think the connected world is incredibly exciting – but who controls the data? Where is it stored? How do you manage it and keep it safe and more importantly, who do you trust to keep it safe?

It goes without saying that consumers NEED to be able to trust the “things” and devices at the center of their lives. They need to trust that they can connect themselves, and their families to our brave new world without their compromising security or privacy while keeping things as simple and transparent as possible.

I believe that AVG has taken a giant leap towards this goal, and made a product that represents a shift in how we perceive and control our online security. We call it AVG Zen™.

AVG Zen connects the devices from desktop to mobile, the data, and the people behind them together in one simple package with the aim of making our complicated digital lives much simpler. Through one app, AVG Zen makes it easy for users to see the security and privacy settings of all their devices from a single place.

What’s more, AVG Zen provides a single place for AVG’s 177 million active users to protect their connected devices and their personal data.

The idea behind AVG Zen is to place the individual with all of these devices back in control of their data and their security as we believe that through control comes choice.

AVG is not here to tell you that sharing or tracking are bad in and of themselves; instead, we want to arm our customers with the information that will allow them to control what they share and if they are tracked, and to make their own informed decisions. A choice to have the freedom to live their lives in the way they want to, and to bring up their family or apply for a job without fear of their privacy being invaded.

Another great thing about AVG Zen is that it gives our customers a consistent user experience across all devices so that even beginners can quickly learn how to manage and secure their multiple devices with ease.  At least that is one thing that is getting simpler in an increasingly complex world.

But lastly, and most importantly, AVG Zen is designed to give real people peace of mind as they go about their daily lives. As the Internet becomes the center of our connected world, AVG Zen is there to connect the dots.

February 24, 2014