For our AVG partners and distributors these findings may not come as a surprise, but it presents another opportunity for the channel to help fill these security gaps with value-added solutions, best practices and excellent customer service.

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    According to the topline results of the survey, 36% of global organizations lack confidence in their ability to detect sophisticated cyber attacks. Linked to this, 36% don't have a threat intelligence program, and 18% don't have identity and access management programs – little wonder then that 69% thought that their IT security budgets should be increased by half.

    Protection from cyber attack should be a priority for all businesses and as the EY data has shown, many organizations could benefit from the guidance of the channel. AVG partners, including A+ Computers and Services, DB Computer Solutions, MCC Computers Ltd., SortMyPC and many more, are already addressing the gaps using AVG Business products.

    Channelnomics editor Jessica Meek also highlighted findings from the EY survey in her recent article, again, emphasizing the opportunity for the channel to help IT professionals prioritize security, provide solutions and services, and also act as trusted advisors on industry developments.

    A few key stats to note:

    • 88% of respondents did not believe their information security infrastructure fully meets their organization’s needs
    • 57% said that the information security function suffers from a lack of available talent
    • 47% said they don’t have a security operation center
    • 54% said they lacked a dedicated function to focus on the impact of emerging technologies

    AVG Business products like AVG Managed Workplace and AVG CloudCare are great examples of how our partners are using end-to-end solutions to help resolve security issues, staffing and infrastructure challenge for their clients.

    AVG CloudCare offers a modern approach to security with streamlined access to advanced features through one centralized pane of glass. Ease of deployment, through one click installation and activation, helps our partners become more agile. The product can be used for managing services, proactive monitoring, content filtering, cloud backup, daily reporting, providing secure sign-on and more, essentially helping our partners act as outsourced IT departments for their clients.

    AVG Managed Workplace also offers powerful automation to help partners proactively manage and monitor clients’ networks.  Deployment and update of security tools are easily handled by automation helping to ensure a strong security posture at all times. With premium remote control integrated at no additional cost to the remote monitoring and management platform, partners gain cost savings as well as reporting tools to streamline billing and prove client ROI.

    These flexible and powerful AVG solutions empower businesses to address security issues and run more effectively and efficiently. That’s powerful reassurance to give your clients.