Mobile threats are on the rise, and hopefully you have not already been infected. A recent study by Avast reveals a 40% increase in cyberattacks targeting Android smartphones and tablets this year. Last year’s average was 1.2 million of these attacks per month. This year, that number has jumped to 1.7 million per month. In response to this increased danger, we have fortified the AVG Antivirus Mobile app with increased security.  

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    The problem

    Tracking an average of 788 virus variations per month, researchers have found the top three mobile threats to be:

    1. Rooters (23%) — Rooters use exploits to obtain root access to your smartphone, gaining control of the device to spy on you and steal personal information.
    2. Downloaders & Droppers (23%) — Downloaders and droppers use social engineering tactics to trick you into installing more malicious apps. Droppers also typically show full-screen ads, even outside of the app itself. These ads are not just annoying, but are often linked to suspicious sites as well.
    3. Fake apps (7%) — These are illegitimate apps posing as real ones in order to drive downloads and expose you to advertisements.

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    The solution

    Introducing AVG Antivirus Mobile 6.5, our updated app that provides enhanced protection against theft, unwanted calls, and privacy intrusion, with plenty of new next-gen cybersecurity features, including:

    • Anti-Theft Features—Users can control the app online, activate a siren if the phone has been stolen, remotely adjust settings, and set custom screen messages.
    • Call Blocker—Users have the option to block, or send directly to voicemail, any callers from stored, unknown, or hidden numbers.
    • App Permissions—Users can see the permissions granted to each app installed on their phone, and what information each one can access.
    • Wi-Fi Speed Test—Users can check the download and upload speed of their Wi-Fi network.
    • Safe Clean—Cleans residual data and caches in order to improve smartphone speed and performance.
    • Modernized design—Our redesigned user experience makes the app easier to use than ever before.

    AVG uses the same mobile threat detection engine as Avast Mobile Security, which was awarded the best detection score and best usability score by independent testing organization AV-Test. Update your existing AVG app or download it for the first time and experience the benefits of next-gen cybersecurity.