Monitoring and managing your customers can be challenging as demands increase and environments become more complex. Your tools must present fast and complete information– reducing complexity, not adding to it.

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    In April, we introduced AVG Managed Workplace 10 - a simplified approach to RMM that enables MSPs to deliver managed services and advanced security in a simplified, scalable and applied way that also meets their own business goals.

    Feedback from our AVG partners indicates we’re on the right track – take a look:

    “We have used Managed Workplace since 2006; it is our eyes and ears to everything. We looked at Kaseya, LabTech, Microsoft Systems Center – but AVG had the full featured RMM solution and with Managed Workplace 10, keeps improving." 

    “Managed Workplace 10 is helping us reduce our onboarding time. The change to service plans was a big step forward in terms of architecting a managed service offering. We have gained immediate time savings and it’s easier to roll this out for our technicians.”

    “The AVG Managed Workplace service templates are a stroke of genius. We literally onboarded a new customer on the first day of the product’s release and applied a monitoring, antivirus and proactive plan for a new customer within 10 minutes.  We removed about five days of technician time thanks to the solution.”

    “We can see that AVG Managed Workplace represents a significant improvement. We like the ability to apply a service plan to a site and like the fact that these are customizable.  We also see the ease of use in setting up services and linking these to the service plans and speeding onboarding.” 

    “Using AVG Managed Workplace 10, onboarding is a breeze. There are multiple things you need to do when onboarding customers and setting up a site but with AVG Managed Workplace’s service plan model, all the alerting is pre-configured and ready to go. You don’t have to go in and customize each individual client based on the service plan they are part of and you can see quickly how the customer is being supported and the specific environment.”

    “During the beta process, AVG really encouraged us to put Managed Workplace through its paces. They gave us a checklist of items to try and it enabled us to experiment with everything – it was a fantastic approach. We upgraded all customers without a hitch.”

    We have used different RMM tools in the past but they either had terrible support or too much required maintenance.  AVG has a good balance of necessary information, self-management, and of course, price point. With the new Managed Workplace 10, we were able to easily transition our clients into standardized Service Plans.  It was easy to reassign sites into their proper service plans.  Configuration changes can now be adjusted very easily and only one time!"


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