We have seen incredible excitement in the MSP market surrounding our recent release of Managed Workplace 10. This month, we have continued this momentum with new security and key enhancements.

Managed Workplace 10 now includes integrated advanced security features from our award-winning AntiVirus 2016 engine, in addition to expanded remote control functions, alerting and customized reporting enhancements.

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This article contains:

    This is all part of our Managed Workplace Service Pack 1 release, available now.

    A few highlights include:

    • Advanced AVG AntiVirus 2016 Engine
      • Advanced heuristics: Through a combination of Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms, stops emerging and known threats from ransomware, malware, viruses, spyware, worms, rootkits, and Trojans
      • Cloud-based outbreak detection technology: Helps identify even the newest malware variants in real-time
      • Advanced scanning engine: Scans your systems without impacting the day with boot-time scanning, scheduled and on-demand scans
      • Online shield: Uses cloud-based detection to identify dangerous downloads fast
      • LinkScanner: Assesses web pages in real-time for safe surfing, searching and downloads
      • Identity protection: Shields passwords and credit card numbers from hackers and scammers
      • Email protection: Protects confidential data from latest spam and phishing attacks
      • Firewall protection: Strengthens your perimeter of defense, stops the spread of viruses
    • Enhancements to Premium Remote Control
      • Ad hoc and on-demand sessions: Offers remote support to anyone on the Internet without the need to have Managed Workplace deployed.
      • End-user consent: Respects the privacy of your customers by requesting access to initiate remote control to their devices.

    AVG partners are already taking advantage of Service Pack 1.  An AVG channel partner in Ontario, Canada shared his feedback:

    • “Managed Workplace’s integrated AV will allow us to manage threat policies and customize update and scanning schedules while centralizing threat detection into one platform.”
    • “The Enhanced Remote Control feature is a welcome addition to the already fantastic Premium Remote Control client. The ability to prompt users for remote control authorization and provide remote assistance to any user via the on demand feature means we no longer need to purchase and maintain a separate remote control solution for our clients.”

    Put the new features to the test today. If you’re new with Managed Workplace, join our Daily Demo by clicking here. As always, please continue to share your feedback.