Today’s leading home security products showed just how effective they really are when independent research facility AV-TEST studied each product’s responses to real-world threats. While some brands missed the mark, AVG Internet Security achieved a perfect score, blocking every one of the nearly 10,000 malware samples used in the test.

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    The study was conducted throughout September and October this year, and AV-TEST used a combination of recently-discovered malware and real-world threats that currently live and breathe on the internet. All types of malware were deployed—malicious websites, infected emails, Trojans, worms, viruses, and more.

    The true achievement here was protecting against each and every one of the real-world threats used in the test. It provided a real-time demonstration of how AVG Internet Security reacts when it encounters unknown malware. Our AI-powered antivirus reacts swiftly, identifying, blocking, and protecting against any threat.

    Check out the official AVG results to learn more about the test, and download AVG Internet Security today for complete protection in your digital life.