This year, we’ve put a laser focus on simplifying managed services to see how we can help our AVG partners fulfill their service contracts in an efficient and profitable way.

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    Seeing is believing.  And that’s why we let our early adopter partners be the judge of our newest release, Managed Workplace 10. They were impressed, we hope you will agree.

    It’s time to step away from your 30+ checklist of onboarding items – we’re about to tell you how you can align your SLAs with your service delivery models and get your onboarding process down to a few simple clicks.

    AVG Business has just launched Managed Workplace 10. This is our new, simplified service delivery platform that allows MSPs to standardize the configuration and onboarding of multiple customer sites.  We’ve designed the platform to align with the way MSPs do business. You can now standardize service delivery, quickly configure and onboard clients, reduce manual configuration, eliminate errors, drive efficiencies and more.

    Managed Workplace 10 is a completely new platform that changes the way that an RMM helps drive profitability for your business.  Our partners will now have access to an RMM solution that gives them a centrally planned and automated way to cover those checkboxes and implement services, upgrades or changes, in a simple, applied way.

    Here are a few highlights:

    • Fast, simplified deployment: With an onboarding process of only five clicks, you can get new customer sites up and running in under 30 minutes. You’ll also be able to deliver standardized service offerings right out of the box. Easily turn on or off services as required or create new services for client sites. Without missed steps or manual processes.
    • Service delivery model: Easily choose the mix of services that match your clients’ needs, uptime and budget. We’ve taken the industry’s three familiar reactive, proactive and fixed fee service models, added our key Managed Workplace features, and integrated these directly into our services platform.
    • Action-based dashboard: Add new services in minutes, deliver enhanced service levels and increase sales through our new single pane of glass, action-based services dashboard.


    Managed Workplace 10 is the latest proof point to our mission to simplify the experience of securing businesses and deliver security products that meet our partners’ needs.

    Sign up today and join the Managed Workplace revolution!