According to recent research conducted by Forrester Consulting, the vast majority of enterprise security professionals believe that security should be delivered as an integrated platform via the cloud.

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    Indeed, 98 percent of those questioned said that integrated security platforms would be effective to both improve their security posture and to reduce overall cost in comparison to traditional on-premise security appliances and point solutions.

    As our channel partners have experienced firsthand from their small and medium business clients, the ultimate problem addressed in the research is one that has been gaining increased airtime over the past year – security sprawl. With more data sharing, more device connections, and more security solutions to manage everything than ever before, companies are struggling to keep themselves secure.

    Though targeted at an enterprise level, I believe you’ll agree that these research findings are just as applicable to smaller businesses – with the fragmented security landscape posing a management headache no matter your company size.

    Our AVG Business product line includes a managed services and security platform that offers a range of features. We have designed the products with absolute simplicity in mind to help relieve security sprawl headaches. AVG CloudCare is one example, enabling direct, real-time management of a full suite of cloud-delivered security services – antivirus, online backup, content filtering, email security, premium remote control, secure sign-on and more, all from one dashboard. Instead of having to deal with the complexity of multiple, different security solutions, we provide a ‘single pane of glass’ view for easier IT management.

    AVG CloudCare supports our partners, so that MSPs can give their customers the reassurance that their applications and data are protected on any device, anytime, anywhere.

    As John Quatto, Channel Partner Manager at Zobrio Inc. recently put it, “the only problem you might face now is that your clients will never witness and appreciate the work you’re doing – As an MSP you have to be able to prove your worth – ironically, that’s difficult if you’re fixing issues before the customer even knows they exist!”

    If AVG CloudCare sounds like it could be an asset for your business, visit our AVG Business website today to find out more.