We’ve developed some next-level features for our newly updated Antivirus protection. For the new 2019 version, we are bringing you stronger protection against today’s most prevalent and painful threats, namely data breaches and phishing. Usernames and passwords are more valuable than almost any type of currency in today’s climate, and cybercriminals are trying every which way to crack into your sensitive info, from a brute force attack to sophisticated social engineering to everything in between. Our new security features do more to protect you from these kinds of attacks.

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This article contains:

    Better premium protection

    Part of our AVG Internet Security suite and AVG Ultimate package, Sensitive Data Shield is a new feature that lets you effortlessly protect your most private files. Our smart search tool will scan your system for any documents containing your sensitive info, then offer to seal that file from prying eyes. This is a particularly handy feature for anyone who feels they may have forgotten about some long-buried files that contain things like social security numbers and credit card info. Our search tool will find every last one.

    AVG users, look for Sensitive Data Shield to take the place of AVG Data Safe in your privacy menu throughout our 2019 updates. With data breaches on the rise and showing no sign of slowing, we want our users to be properly protected.

    Better free protection

    Our free service AVG Antivirus Free is getting a couple of major new features as well, one to help you avoid the tide of phishing scams teeming into everyone’s inbox and the other is to provide next-level performance with an intuitive presentation feature.

    Anti-phishing technology advancements — So often, phishing tactics lure users to malicious websites, where as soon as the page loads, harmful action begins. By combining machine learning with image recognition, we can now more quickly discern fraudulent sites from the safe ones, and warn our users before they click.

    Do Not Disturb — Unnecessary interruptions will become a thing of the past with this focus-sharpening mode. Simply bring your presentation, movie, or game into full screen mode to automatically activate Do Not Disturb, and temporarily silence your texts, emails, and other alerts.  This is a handy feature for those who don’t have time to constantly adjust their settings whenever they need to present or simply watch a movie, etc.

    Find these both in our updated 2019 AVG free antivirus and enjoy stronger protection. Cybercrime is undoubtedly getting tougher, but so are our solutions.