Microsoft has included the DVD Player software for free in Windows 10, but only if you’re upgrading from any of the following versions:

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This article contains:

    • Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate
    • Windows 8 or 8.1 with Windows Media Center.

    It’s free for a limited time, but Microsoft hasn’t given any indication as to how long that will be. So if you haven’t already upgraded and qualify for the free DVD software, you might want to consider upgrading soon.

    It’s important to note that to receive the DVD Player app from Microsoft for free you must upgrade Windows 10 from your existing version of Windows.  A clean install of Windows, despite this being the preference for many people, won’t work.

    What if you don’t want the Windows DVD Player app? No problem, there are free and open source alternatives available, such as VLC Media Player

    While you’re at it, remember to keep all software on your PC up-to-date and install an antivirus solution like AVG AntiVirus Free to prevent infections against viruses and malware.

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