Android study buzzes with praise for AVG Antivirus Free

If the internet were a brick-and-mortar supermarket, and all digital software was sold as physical packages, you would find the cybersecurity section so overrun with brands that you wouldn’t be able to push your cart through the hundreds of products choking the aisles. For consumers not familiar with the cybersecurity world, discerning the good services from the bad can be an overwhelming task.

That’s why the independent lab AV-TEST exists. It’s an informational resource for consumers who need objective advice on the best cybersecurity products. In March 2018, the lab focused on researching
the best antivirus for Android devices. A timely endeavor, to be sure — smartphones and mobile devices have grown into prime targets for cybercriminals over this past year. Continuing our visualization exercises from above, if each mobile cyber attack were a bumblebee, you’d be walking around with a thick swarm buzzing around your device wherever you go.